Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins

The Australian Kangaroo is the most common reference for the Gold Nugget coin produced by the world famous Perth Mint in Australia. This coin hit the market around the same time as most other major, modern day gold coins, with the first run taking place in 1986. Today, the Kangaroo is one of the most heavily sought after coins in the world, in both Australia and all the way to North America.

The Kangaroo has a lot more history than most coins, with some intricacies and changes in the coin that have taken place throughout the decades. The first few years that the coin was minted, until 1989, it actually featured a nugget on the reverse side. It wasn't until that time that a Kangaroo was introduced to take its place.

A lot of change was taking place over these first handful of the years, as 1991 saw the introduction of even larger sized gold Kangaroos with the additions of 2 oz., 10 oz., and 1 kilogram varieties. The Gold Kangaroo is also one of the most naturally valuable numismatic coins in the secondary market with .9999 purity, a notch above most other coins and as close to absolute pure gold as you will ever find in a coin.

Gold Kangaroo Design

The design of the Gold Kangaroo is very straightforward given its name. The reverse side of the coin features a Kangaroo, while the obverse pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse design of the most up-to-date Kangaroo was only released in 2006, making it one of the newest designs anywhere.

An Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

An Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

If you are in the market for a Kangaroo coin and notice that something seems off about the coin that you ordered, note that you might have one of the early editions of the coin. Though this is most often referred to as a Nugget vs. a Kangaroo, the two terms are frequently used simultaneously.

Cost of Gold Kangaroos

Gold Kangaroos are in line with, albeit slightly higher than, most gold coins. At around $100-$150 over spot per ounce for the standard 1 oz. coins, you will not need to spend an arm and a leg in order to add a Kangaroo to your collection. With that said, graded and/or proof Kangaroos can get very expensive, very quickly.

As they are so popular among collectors, there are many different special edition sets and editions of the coin that have come out over the year. The majority of these coins are virtually impossible to locate, and the ones that are offered for sale will undoubtedly have substantial markups over spot price.

Buying Gold Kangaroos Online

Online, as is the case with most any coin, is the way to go for gold Kangaroos. The first problem with buying these coins anywhere but online is the simple fact that they are not easy to find in most brick and mortar stores. Australia is the furthest thing from a neighbor to North America, so you won't find many of these coins floating into random stores across the US and Canada.

Shop for regular uncirculated coins online and you should not have much trouble finding a Kangaroo that won't break your budget. Yes, there are some exceptionally costly Kangaroo coins out there, but there are plenty available within reasonable price ranges as well.