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Learn the best payment methods for online gold purchases (CC/Check/Wire).
Learn about shipping and insurance for online gold purchases.
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Buying Gold Locally

Most towns have local coin shops, which often sell gold bullion.
Traveling coin shows are great places to network, invest, and learn.
Pawn shops offer investors a chance at rare gold investment finds.
Estate sales are a bit hit-or-miss, but can offer incredible values.

Buying Physical Gold Bullion

Gold has many different elements and dynamics that can feel overwhelming for a new buyer. What is the difference between gold traded on Wall Street, gold in jewelry, and gold bars? It may very well appear that these three things are totally different, when in reality they are practically one in the same. The complete simplicity of gold is often misconstrued when it is lumped into the same pile as stocks and other commodities that are traded on markets worldwide.

With our guide, you will be able to learn exactly how gold can be bought, sold, and why it is a great investment for your money. The first and most important thing that any potential gold buyer should know is that the process and getting involved is actually very easy. If you have cash and a mailbox, there is no reason that you can't own real, physical metals.

Types of Gold

The many different types and forms of gold are one of the reasons that so many people give up on the idea of buying gold altogether. The truth is that the variety of items that you have to choose from will make your overall experience that much more positive. Yes, it will take some time and effort on your part to learn about what is what, but that is all for the better.

There are ETFs that you can trade like stocks, physical gold (which is the preferred method), and even crosses between the two. You can buy one type if you are looking to make a small, initial investment, or another if you are looking to spend thousands of dollars. There are so many different options for types of gold that anyone can buy, making it incredibly easy for even the lowest budget buyers to get involved.

Have you ever seen gold bars in a picture or on TV? You probably think of something like Fort Knox when someone mentions the idea of owning pure gold, as this is what you are likely to see on TV. While this is also the way that many countries store their gold reserves, it is also the way that you as an end consumer can own actual gold bullion. Of course, the chances are that you are not going to be owning several hundred ounce bricks, but this is not the only type of gold that is available. Small quantities of gold, minted in sizes as low as a gram, can be obtained by just about anyone. You certainly do not need a massive amount of money if you want to own gold, contrary to what you might have originally thought.

Gold coins have long been a staple of bullion. For both collectors and investors, items like the American Gold Eagle have more than stood the test of time. They represent the intrinsic value in gold itself while also highlighting the premier quality that is found in their mintage. Sure, bars and rounds are often produced by companies with very high quality standards, but just about nothing will compare to a proof gold coin. There is actual monetary value behind gold coins as well, making them more than legitimate stores of paper money.

Gold coins are minted by governments from all corners of the world, from the United States to China. You will not be able to find more aesthetically pleasing pieces of gold than you will with coins. They are a great starting point for new buyers, perfect means of diversification of experienced investors, and are the cornerstone of any bullion collection. If bars and other more generic forms of gold are not for you, coins are the way to go.

Type of Gold Bullion

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The gold library of articles outlines everything from the most basic elements of trading precious metals, to how the price of gold is actually set and determined. Though there is certainly a lot of information out there that can and should be learned from it, the vast majority of it is actually quite easy to comprehend and fully understand. For the complete amateur gold enthusiast, our articles will take you from beginner to relative expert in a matter of minutes.

The internet has single-handedly changed the world of gold bullion for the better. Before anyone was able to shop online, the only real option was to look around at local brick and mortar stores. While this is hardly a wild inconvenience, there is little arguing that online shopping is both easier and more effective. You will be able to find better prices, a larger selection, and you will be able to do it all from your computer.

Of course, jumping into an order at an online gold dealer is not the most advisable thing to do. Instead, you should take the time to learn how buying gold online really works. It's not that complicated and you will likely get the hang of it right away after you browse through our instructional and information guides on ordering gold through the internet.

Type of Gold Bullion